The Future of One

Drgnfly is the first ever Autonomous Global EnterpriseTM built on distributed ledger technology (DLT) connecting legacy artisan craft with a new generation of cannabis culture.

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New Generation

What makes this Different is, we’re not working on the next big thing with Drgnfly, we’re building a new connected generation of Cannabis Culture.

What Separates it is, we’re empowering legacy artisans with the opportunity to experience growth in a world they created ...

Jared Mirsky - CEO Wick & Mortar Explore the new generation

AutoCannabis Network

Our autocannabis network delivers supply chain Transparency and is synchronized with our SmartMoney Network. This combination unlocks the unique power for our transactions to generate enterprise-wide Payments In Real-Time.

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Autonomous Global EnterpriseTM Network

SmartMoney Network

Our smartmoney network is engineered to Programmatically Circulate digital currency performance across the entire enterprise of members, partners and purposes to solidify True Balance.

"An integrated enterprise with its own supply chain, buyers and sellers market, currency, economic reserve, service providers and point of sale partnerships"
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Artisan Culture Inspired

This philosophy enables the perpetual realization of Abundance, Prosperity and Well-Being for all members of the enterprise. The Drgnfly Network is exclusively offered as 100% Member Owned ...

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